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If you tie your strap at the headstock...


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I just received this strap from Lakota Leathers and I'm liking it. It is actually their resonator/dobro strap but it serves well for folks like me who like to wear the strap at the headstock. http://www.lakotaleathers.com/products/product.php?id=26 It's not real fancy, but very comfortable.


"Each strap features a unique double "Chicago screw" headstock connection to ensure the security of your valuable instrument. This assures that there are no metal or plastic parts protruding to scratch your guitar. While there are several "quick disconnect" systems on the market, we strongly believe they are not rugged enough to prevent the possibility of failure or scratching. We suggest Lakota Leathers straps be left attached, and simply tucked under the headstock when the instrument is in its case."


Here are some photos of how I set it up:








Since it is made for a dobro I found that if I used the first (closest) pre-cut hole attached to the end pin, it was just right for me. I like the guitar up pretty high, but YMMV. Since it is made for a dobro you could have it set down by your knees if you want to look like a rocker. [biggrin] There was quite a bit of excess on the tail, so I cut the remainder off. No affiliation with the seller. Just wanted to share a product that worked for me.

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These look awfully nice, and useful. Filled out and sent my order ! Great tip !


Great, Dan! Since those pictures were taken I did change the cinch at the holes on the headstock that were closer to the headstock (they give you four holes to use for the two fasteners). It got the guitar up a little higher, which made the height perfect for me (it worked well before but now even better). Again, I'm a pretty short guy who likes the guitar pretty high up. Enjoy!

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