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Best Luthier in SF/LA to heal my 64 es 330's finish

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Hi everyone,


a few weeks ago i posted a question about finding a vintage es 335 in the US.

I was on quite a search in the last two weeks, and i'm very close to seal the deal on a '64 330.

it has some cosmetic issues that i would like to fix:

1. a visible white scratch, about 2 cm long near the bridge that need to be drop filled with lacquer and buffed.

2. some glue residue for an old glued bigsby bridge the needs to be removed without removing the finish.


i will try and attach a picture with all this


Any recommended Luthier in San Francisco or LA for this kind of job.


It's a vintage guitar so i'm looking for the bast man for the job.


Thanks a lot all the helpful tips



post-70326-066618200 1423973355_thumb.jpeg

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When I still lived in LA the number one guy I would go to for any and everything was a guy named Fren Asken. Yes, that's Fren. He calls himself Frenster and can be found by googling.


He has a very small shop and is always very busy with private clients as well some area shops so he'll be holding your guitar for a while, but he has done everything for me from minor set ups to a complete rebuild of a falling apart century old parlor guitar which is now a fully functioning working guitar. Electric, acoustic, whatever, he's tops.


He's slow, he's expensive, he's great.

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