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So who else is excited for the True Historic line? Gonna be sweet with that all but confirmed by Gibson MAP of $8500 for an R9.


Hey FennRx,


(don't I know you from someplace? [thumbup] )


Well, I am excited ... but 90+ days into 2015 and not yet seen nary a one for actual sale, nor a real out-the-door price tag!


They will eventually be priced at what the market will bear, and I'm always hoping [-o< to be "in the market" for a nice guitar ... even if my pocketbook disagrees. I have already played a 2015 '68 Custom Historic, which is exactly the same price as the 2014 ... but No Fair ... that's only in Japan! [flapper]


They better be good! Here I have some pretty good optional choices.


Until the unveiling. I will assume they are going to be great guitars.



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