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Need help with amp Valve Standard Combo


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Take/send it back? Call the seller to see if there's something potentially odd and/or make arrangement to return.


That's what I'd do, but first see if there's a "standby" switch on it. T


hat's typical for valve amps to allow them to be "on" but not putting out any sound.


Solid state amps ain't usually having one of those switches. Lots of valve amps, if not most, tend to have them.



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Long story. Didnt try it out until too late. It does have a standby switch but it makes no difference. DSP mute, poweron ON and foot pedal lights light appropriately. Tried swapping fuses.


None of the tubes glow or warm up. Nothing from spkr. Pristine with back off. No sign of external o internal damage. Could a single bad tube cause this? I'm thinking maybe the power supply?


Should I just turn it over to GC? I'm not the original owner. I'd use it as an extra 12in spkr cab but I'm already using a broken EP1000-R for that purpose. BOO!

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Built into the power socket (underneath where the lead plugs in) is a small fuse drawer.

Bet you a pound to a dollar that the fuse has blown (most people miss this fuse)


**EDIT **


Missed the bit where you said some of the lights come on.


In that case it could be the standby switch has burnt out (Epiphone amps are quite notorious for this).

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