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Looking for info on Mesa 5:25 amp


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i had one but took it back because i found a LP i wanted. now i wish i hadn't.



here's my review in 1 word: AMAZING.


the only thing it didnt do was metal, but throw an MT-2 in front of it and you're set.


mesa doesnt discount its prices or have sales, so the price should be consistent.(about 1200)


as for other 5 watt amps, nothing can compare to it. i had an Epi VJ and a BJ Little Giant. both decent amps, but compared to the mesa, they suck ***.

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A Google search will turn up some reviews. Here's one on alt.guitar by this young guy named Squier who is really savvy about gear and has a great ear. He plays at home as well as with a band and is pretty particular about what he uses so if he likes it, it's probably a good amp.




As for prices, unless you buy used, the amp will cost the same amount no matter where you buy it. Mesa has some sort of deal with people who are dealers where they have to sell at Mesa's designated retail price. I couldn't locate any online dealers so you'll have to look up someone and give them a call.

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I have the 5:50 combo which has different power tubes than the 5:25.

It is a great amp. it is WAY too much power on the 50 watt setting for me so it stays at 5 most of the time - a waste of power I know.

I bought it a year ago. The 1st one I bought went up in smoke 2 days after taking it home from GC. The second one, that I have now, had a plate resistor failure and needed repair.

I like the amp a lot - the channel switching is great and the controls, although confusing at time, give you lots of flexibility.


Alternates? I think you should look at The Carr Mercury. That is an awesome amp and on my list. It will give you a lot of flexibility and it loves a LP. Expensive, but a used one can be had for around $1400.

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