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1959 Les Paul Standard


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That's only about 20 minutes away from me. Anybody want me to pick it up for them?




You are very kind, thank You!


If You happen to be there, could You please ask them, whether they have a nice '74 Custom in cream color, or just these antiquities? ;)


Thank You, once more!


Cheers... Bence

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... and again that very special '59 recipe of putting the hotter pickup into the neck position! [rolleyes]


The dull finish spot near the cutaway... maybe, I could get a few grands off... :)

I thought about that, too. [biggrin] A bummer on such a fantastic top. Sadly, the dropping EUR exchange rate makes it several thousands more expensive each day these times... <_<


Quilted look of quartersawn Eastern Maple is very rare. Did they also use flatsawn Western Maple in 1959? Perhaps it's like with the pickup coils and magnets: One can never know. :)

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Very nice.

Refretted, also a new nut by the look of it.

Something about the headstock...maybe the photo...I don't know....perhaps headstock has been repainted too?

The board looks very dark.

More & better pics needed; you'd want to verify it in as many ways as possible before making an offer....






Oh....and maybe play it as well.... [biggrin]

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