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Alejandro Escovedo with special guest David Hidalgo...




I love love love David Hidalgo and he's one of my heroes! Best known as a founding member of Los Lobos he and Cesar Rosas are exceptional players with a long career of massive hits! I'm especially fond of that '54-'56 Custom with the P90 & AlNiCo-5 "staple" neck pickup he's playing... I'm curious as hell and would love to try one!





He's been using that one alot in recent years and I've been searching out the late 90's historic reissues of the originals, or any reissues of that axe for that matter... They seem exceptionally rare even as a reissue! I want one!


As an FYI Alejandro Escovedo is Sheila-E's Uncle and is the brother of Pete Escovedo who is the father of

(Sheila Escovedo) of Prince drummer fame who has worked with Gloria Estefan, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, etc. etc. etc.


To be honest I never heard of Alejandro Escovedo or his brothers Coke, Pete, Mario, and Javier, but they appear to be a family with a long history of renown musicianship!



Pretty impressive stuff!!!


I must admit I'm a sucker for a good Latin beat and find them piquant and rewarding to play to such backing tracks even if I'm playing Blues fills and leads, and find both Carlos Santana rhythms fun and even alot of the work of The Doors was based on Latin rhythms thru John Densmore's drumming influences...


David Hidalgo just inspires the hell outta me!




I can listen to David all damn day!!!

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Well lookee here...


It appears that Gibson (custom shop) has made a tragically limited run of this guitar that I covet so much in 2015 with a 25 guitar run exclusively for Sweetwater...


Gibson Custom 1954 Les Paul Custom VOS - Ebony





But for a cool $6,840.00 I wan't be able to be adding a new one to my stable any time soon... [scared]


I'm better off to keep searching for used ones on eBay. I've seen one or two of a late 1990's version for between $3 & $4K... Far more attainable, even if not right now... [blink]


I'll probably have a better chance of adding an R6 or even an R9 to my stable before being able to afford one of these...


Shucks! [sad]



What?!? No love for David? [confused]

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Los Lobos rule. Bad dudes. They go from Mariachi to Motorhead at the drop of a hat. Still bummed they couldn't play my wedding. Amazing, amazing band and so much talent - and tasteful restraint. I wish more musicians had such a great sense of "when to spend the money" in songs. Too, too many just overplay everything and stink up the joint to hell.


Great post. Been thinking of chunking a loose '61 p90 I have laying around in my 135.

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I've always like Los Lobos, I just didn't know much about them.


Back in the day it was always Cesar Rosas that seemed to get all the acclaim. He certainly has the look...


Being a lefty makes him a little exotic in way too. David Hidalgo was always so quiet and restrained and you never heard from him in the media and he was seemingly never spotlighted much...


Later in life I saw his footage from Crossroads 2004 w/Booker T Jones, Steve Cropper, and Donald Duck Dunn and I was simply smitten with his playing and sound. I like his singing voice alot too!




I started doing a ton of research on him after seeing that and became an instant fan/disciple. Nowadays I give him more credit for my interest in Los Lobos even though I still like Cesar Rosas just fine...


That White reverse Firebird is awesome and I found out what you mean and was totally amazed from an accordion to an acoustic to electric guitars of all makes and models...


I'm always curious what he'll be playing next. He has definitive videos out there playing every axe imaginable. Les Paul, SG, Tele, Strat, Firebird, and the list goes on. He really is a master musician and their (Los Lobos) brand of Tex-Mex Zydeco is very fun and interesting!


Love him/them!


And what a rhythm section on that Crossroads performance! Booker-T and the MG's... Just awesome!


In the 2010 Crossroads David & Cesar played with The Derek Trucks Band and The Allman Brothers and it was amazing too!



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I saw Alejandro in Austin a few years back and he played this club called the Continental Club. Small place and I was in the front. Awsome show. After the show I talked to the band, but Alejandro split. It think he lives in Austin. I also saw Los Lobos many years ago on New Years Eve in SF. Once again another awesome show. They played Bertha by the Grateful Dead.


I think the talent and musicianship in Los Lobos have the scope to cover alot of ground well!


They were always lurking on the periphery of the scene and my own realm. They were always there for most of my life!


I never really knew much about the 'E' family and even wrote off Sheila from my own distaste for Prince, clearly he's not stupid and surrounded hisself with some real talent. While Latin rhythms and beat music doesn't headline on my radar, I always find if very fun and rewarding playing to Latin style backing tracks...

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