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NGD 2006 Unsung Casino


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Nice looking guitar. I had two guitars with frequensators, a Zephyr Blues Deluxe and 50 Anniversary RI Sheraton. I too, like the looks of them, but I don't think they function any better than a regular trapeze tailpiece. In my experience, I think that they actually lose sustain, from lack of mass maybe? They can be a little more hassle to restring, too. I sold the one on my Sheraton and replaced it with a Lyre-type vibrato. An improvement in both looks and sustain. Now, I'm considering replacing the tailpiece on the ZBD, with a solid brass one, with some mass. All this after I created longer bass bales to make string length a non-issue. I'll keep the freak, so that if, and when I sell the guitar, the next guy can make the decision.



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