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Assistance needed: help ID this SG

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Would love to get some assistance from this community. I would love to order a similar version of the attached SG which is being played by Brittany Howard from Alabama Shakes. Please let me know what model SG this is; the color; whether it is custom with the HHH configuration? And any additional background.


Thank you!


post-70824-097814400 1424877509_thumb.jpg

post-70824-064078000 1424877595_thumb.jpg

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This massive knowledge of guitars is a cross, but I bear it willingly.



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...That's a Gibson Les Paul Custom in Inverness Green...

...not that we'd wish to confuse matters.....lol!


Hi and welcome.

As Bence says although it's clearly an SG in shape it's actually a 1961-'63 style Les Paul Custom;



Chrome (nickel?) hardware rather than gold and Inverness Green finish are unusual to this model so it was possibly a limited run. Could even be special order.


Hope you manage to track one down but if you have never played a 3-p'up Les Paul-SG you might want to try one out before handing over the hard-earned.

Some players find the middle p'up gets in the way of their picking hand.


Good luck!



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I learned something new. 61 -67. cool but pippy has a good point about the middle pick-up. it can be about as annoying as the volume knob location on a strat.



I had a brain fart and forgot to add that the 'Les Paul' name was dropped in favour of the SG (solid guitar) designation circa mid-'63 but I'm sure everyone was waaay ahead of me there.

The 'Les Paul' name was last seen in the '63 catalogue and didn't reappear until the re-introduction of the carved-top models in '68.

My earlier post has been amended to correct this carelessness on my part.


Apologies for any confusion!



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