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You Wouldn't Guess What Once Was Located Here...


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Today there is a shop saying "Kinderkunsthaus" meaning Children's Art House:




But for many years, there have been the Gibson Distributor International Sound Organisation GmbH (abbrev. ISO GmbH - GmbH means Limited Company) and the largest selling Gibson dealer within at least Western Germany under one roof. I bought lots of my gear there, and my 1978 S-G Standard has been bought by her pre-owner there, too.


They sold Gibsons by the truckload. Sometimes they bought the total Gibson Les Paul production of several months per year then, and the only poorly crafted Gibson I ever encountered there has been a 1985 ES-335. People came from miles around and even from abroad to get a good Gibson deal. My most intense memory is a Les Paul 25/50 Anniversary model they had on the shelf. I guess I'll never stop dreaming of that one. [crying]


Those days are long gone. When Gibson ownership changed in 1986, ISO closed the doors, and the retailer turned into just another one. They are part of a retail chain now, changed their name, and have a shop 25-times the size:



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