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Government Series II Explorer With One-Piece Body...


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I own my Government Series II Explorer since more than one year. She fascinates me since then, with her tone as well as her playability. I'm also astonished about and pleased by her light weight, approximately 3.5 kgs or 7 lbs 11 oz. She even made it to my avatar...


What also surprised me is the following: Neither me nor two luthiers were able to find any seams proving the body was made of two or three pieces glued together. The satin Government Tan finish is rather thin, the graining is clearly visible despite of the solid colour, so we all guessed any seam should be visible.


Running the risk you may laugh at me: How likely is it that they manufactured some kind of an Explorer on a budget using a body blank of such a light weight and same time only one piece of wood?

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Simple. Make good blanks. Sand, seal, and finish well. Top coat well, and BAM! You've done your wood working job well.


Really. It's their job to hide the seam from you is all. And remember, you don't use single piece loverly blanks on painted guitars, you use them on my clear red Explorer. You can't find a seam on that either, and I'm just glad they did their job so well, not at all convinced it is a one piece.



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