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DF questions/problems/fixes


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I've got a new DF and a few questions:


MCK - When it's in the up position and I give it a momentary press, it does not usually pop back up. Is that normal? Is there some way I can give it a little lube to help?


Funky setting - In the Funky setting, the bridge pickup does nothing - well, almost - it's a really thin, quiet, tinny sound. Is that normal? The neck pickup sound is fine.


Bridge pickup tone setting - Is the tone for the bridge pickup supposed to stay the same when you pop the MCK up, rotate it, then push it back down? I thought I read that somewhere in Elantric's writings, but it doesn't work for me - the tone changes. Maybe it has to be that way so that you can change the tone while the knob is up.


Thanks for any enlightenment.

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My MCK does not stick, it always pop back up after a momentary press. I don't know how to lube them.


Yeah, Funky sounds really thin when you select bridge pup only. I usually stick with mixed position for all Chameleon Tech presets and tweak the tone with volumes and tone pots for my likings.


After engaging with your preferred tone, turn the MCK to the PEG position (all the way clock wise) and push the MCK down to enter the PLAY mode. You should see the humbucker and guitar indicators still lit on. This way you keep the Chameleon tone setting while the MCK is all the way down becoming a regular tone pot for the bridge pup.

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Giraku, thanks for the response.

k_kirk, Giraku's pic makes me want to get a better one of mine.


A little follow-up to my note above. In general, the quality of my DF is very good:

- The setup was just about perfect.

- The top is beautiful.

- The sound, of course, is great.

- The finish on the back is growing on me. The back of the neck is developing a nice sheen.


, but there are a few quality issues besides the MCK not springing up after a press.

- The fret ends are not finished very well, they catch on my skin sometimes.

- The fretboard edges are a bit sharp and tend to hurt a little.

- The knobs have some fingerprints on top, apparently from where the assembler pressed the label into the knob.

- One of the knobs has a dip in the upper edge, hard to tell what from.

- The tuning knobs rattle/buzz sometimes.

- I find the cable lock hard to release.


A few other unimportant things:

- I bought a black case because the white one is too showy for me.

- I wish the pick guard had been left off, I like the looks better without it.



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Giraku' date=' the DF on your avatar is your DF or is it a photo from Gibson website etc? It looks beautiful! Question in reference to my poll on flame-top. Cheers.[/quote']


Thank you, k_kirk!

I posted a larger pic on your Flame Poll thread.

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