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ES-175 neck widths


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Seems like Gibson standard is 1 11/16th which I find too narrow. And for me of course the DOGMEAT 1 9/16th width of mid-late 1960s is absurd.


I can deal w/ 1 3/4" and my reissue CF-100E has this. I have heard some 1950s P 90 ES 175s were 1 3/4, however. Anyone else know for sure?


You might say how can you be so tweaky about 1 1/16th of an inch... it really does matter. 1 7/8 would be best but nothing's in that size in archtop jazzer guitars at least that I know of.


I really need a humbucker model but have tried the Fralin hum canceling P-90 and was really impressed, so that would work in place of a bucker.

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