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Really Want To Like Mini Etune on my 2014 SG


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Hi All ...


I'll start by saying that I absolutely love the Mini Etune technology and I want it to work so bad! I've had my 2014 SG for about 6 months and I've hardly picked it up because it just simply doesn't tune properly and tuning it manually just doesn't feel right with the Etune system. I've read several threads and done a lot of research on steps to try for the system to consistently work well, but I've had no luck. Below are the steps I've taken:


- I've reset the unit to factory default state

- I've changed the strings that came on the guitar. I've tried .09, .10, .11 ... I've checked/set intonation after each of these strings changes as this seemed to be an popular remedy within the forums. Also highly recommended were .11 gauge strings as the vibrations were stronger and easier for the tuner to analyze and calculate

- I've gone through the calibration procedure several times

- I've played around with the accuracy with the multiple accuracy settings


I honestly can't recall one time where the system has truly worked correctly. I've tried strumming all strings and then the strings individually. The system indicates the guitar is in tune, but it's obviously not when you play it or even compare against a tuner. It's the Low E, D & G that are consistently sharp.


I'm willing to go have the guitar professionally setup, but I honestly don't believe that's the issue. Additionally, I don't want to be locked into having to play a certain gauge of string to make something work. Are there any other steps I just consider before giving up and changing out the system with regular tuners?


Thanks for your input!

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I sounds to me that the problem likely isn't the minitune or whatever they're calling it this week, but rather something that's catching the strings.


My understanding is that the tuners can be used mechanically - so my question is whether that allows change to a tuned set of strings.


Thing is, it takes very little on even a "new" guitar to have a problem with a nut (usually) or a bridge when it comes to intonation.


That's a simplistic way of looking at it. But...



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Is this happening with the standard tuning selected, or with all the tunings?


If it's just with the standard tuning - I had the same trouble (with my 2008 SG Robot) when the standard tuning was selected. My solution was to manually tune to standard pitch and then save it as a custom tuning. Whenever I want the standard tuning, I select my saved "custom standard" and the guitar auto-tunes correctly. This seems to indicate some factory tunings might be saved "out of tune" with regard to a particular guitar's geometry. . BTW, still got that SG Robot and it still works great.


Hope you can solve your problem.




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Guys .... thanks for the replies. Milod ... yes you can use the mechanical tuners to tune the strings outside the etune device if I understood your comment correctly. Apologies if I miss-understood. Totally agree about the nut and that's the one thing that sticks in my mind about having the guitar setup to ensure there is nothing there that's causing an issues. The one thing that contradicts that is that when I manually tune the guitar, it does stay in tune.


BigKahune ... that's an excellent suggestion and I would have never thought to try that! It's still a bit frustrating to have to devise a work around, but well worth it to use this technology!


Many thanks guys ... I'll circle back with results! :-)

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