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Aimée Osbourne - "Raining Gold"


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I am looking forward to it!


She has nice voice. The music is good.


The atmosphere of the music and video refers to Her dad's image just a bit - good, catchy idea.


...and She seems to be an intelligent young woman. It's an impression that comes from the fact She didn't tried to take advantages of being the daughter of a well-known person, and stayed away from the rather tasteless media appearances of Her family.


I wish Her good luck!


Cheers... Bence


(P.S.: Maybe She could hire Jake E. Lee on guitars - that would be fun!)

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I never heard of her because my stomach turns at the sight of Ozzy, Mrs SquawkMouth STFU Osbourne, and anyone else in his terarded family.


I'm saying it's a good thing I've never heard of her, and I won't.



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