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Help Dating Epiphone Sheraton


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I'm new to the forum and this is my first post. So forgive any newbie mistakes! [smile]


I bought my Epiphone Sheraton in the mid 90's (in 1996 as far as I can remember). I bought it used from a second hand guitar shop. I've had it all this time but have never thought about when or where it was made. I just loved the guitar and enjoyed playing it. Don't know why, but recently I started looking on the web at the history of Epiphone, and discovered the Sheraton was made in various countries (USA, Japan, Korea, China, others??) with slightly different builds. Anyway, got me wondering which date my guitar is from. I'm guessing it is a Korean made model from the mid 90's. There is no serial number anywhere (no imprints or stickers on the headstock and no labels inside the f-hole - actually no labels, stickers anywhere). As you can see from the photos the truss rod cover has Gibson on it. The pick guard is not original, I made it myself shortly after I bought it (I think the original was cracked or something).


Can any body suggest a possible date for my guitar? Anyone know where it would have been made? Any information on what period it's from and any related Epiphone history would be really interesting to know.



post-71019-078749200 1425656458_thumb.jpg

post-71019-055751800 1425656618_thumb.jpg

post-71019-041931400 1425656811_thumb.jpg

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Your guitar was made in the Korean Samick factory in the 90's. The giveaways are the dark tobacco sunburst finish and the extra-wide "harmonica" bridge. I have a 90's Samick Artist Series guitar with that same bridge --- there have been threads here about it before, as the post spacing is not the same as a typical ABR-1 or Tune-O-Matic, so replacements can be tricky.

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I thought you were asking about dating you Sheraton. I was going to tell you that my sheraton loves spending quiet evenings at home by the fire and loves it when I call her Sheri. Just dont call her Casino. I did that once by accident and she wouldnt let me play her for days! :)




Great looking guitar by the way!

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