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Pick Up Options for Spirit Bass XT-2


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Hi. I have a spirit bass XT-2.

and am pretty happy with it generally.

However, recently when using the bass guitar with the new UbiSoft Rocksmith 2014 game,

I have found that when I tune the E string down to a D (which is required for some songs)

the game does not recognize the low notes.


I think that the low notes are perhaps too woolly with not enough definition.


I am thinking of replacing the bass pickups with an upgrade and was wondering what pick up replacements are available for this bass.

Do EMG make upgrade pickups for this bass, and if so, which ones, and how easy are they to fit.


Also, are their any other pickups manufacturers that make pickups that fit this bass, again without too much adaption. I don't want to have to damage the bass.

I would also like to use the bass for pro recording. what pickups are available.

Appreciate any help. Thanks

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