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Figured Guitar Necks (Five Piece)


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Hello wise Forum,


Has anyone heard or read about any issues in weakness, frailty, etc. regarding figured necks?? Specifically '68 Les Paul Customs? I like the look of them and would like to purchase a '68 LP Custom sometime with a figured neck, but my friend claims to have heard they are weak. I can't imagine why they would be....anybody have any experience with this??

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Wood with strong grain variations can be referred to as figured. For example, a fretboard with an attractive varying grain pattern will have changes in colour, and we could say it has character. But it will not be as strong as a board made from straight grained wood.

Cutting the wood at certain angles can produce figure by exposing the groups of cells which transport sap. These are called rays or 'stripes'.

This wood is also slightly weaker.

The more pieces of wood making up the neck, the stronger it is. This has real benefits at the headstock where short grain is exposed.

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