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Spirit by Steinberger


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I apologize if I shouldn't post more that one question at a time but I am confused about this.

I bought a Steinberger guitar through Amazon.com

It is a Spirit by Steinberger IM assuming it is a GT Pro standard based on what I see on Steinberger site.


The guitar that I received is a spirit but the manual I received seems to be for the Synaps series.My guitar does not

have the string locking screws to use with single ball strings which is what I expected.

This guitar is the answer to my dilemma cause I travel and work on a small ship and it balances correctly.

All the other travel guitars I tried does not, the neck hangs down on them. My questions are:


1 is there a way to get a manual for the Spirit GT Pro?


2 I discovered that there is a neck converter that I can use to install for use with single ball strings, where can I get one



3 I would like to use light strings starting with a .008 for the high E string. Is this possible?


4 I don’t understand the purpose of the tremola locking device, can you help?


The serial no.on the guitar is1403210609

Any help would be appreciated.

I like how the guitar sounds and plays.


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