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Guitar painter reccomendations?

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Do you guys have any recommendations for people to repaint guitars? I checked with Gibson already, I'm trying to get a few different quotes. Thanks.


I don't know if you're close to Ohio, but Lay's Guitar Shop in Akron is fantastic. I live 2 hours away, but take all the work that I can't do myself to them. They've done bone nuts, and fret leveling for me, as well as refinishing work on 2 of my Gibsons. The re-fins are absolutely perfect! msp_thumbup.gif


Here's a link: http://laysguitar.com/ Even if you have to ship it to them, it's well worth the effort. Give them a call.


This is what the neck looked like on my '72 EB3L from water damage that happened 25 years ago.



Here's the neck repair. it matches the original finish perfectly (they left the body alone). Beautiful work. Since I'll never part with this bass, I've been pondering having them refinish the body as welleusa_think.gif




This is my 2001 LP that they refinished to my preferences about 10 years ago; it was originally Honeyburst. They also routed the the body for the third (neck) pup.



Dan Shinn, the owner, is one of the nicest and most honest people you'll ever meet, and his shop is one of the best in the country IMO.

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I'll check some of these people out. I told the person restoring my guitar I'd like to have it back this week, whether or not it's done. I'll give Lay's a call. Thanks.


Let us know what Dan at Lay's says, and post some before & after pics if you have the work done. You can't do better than Lay's.

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I checked into Lay's and gave them part of my situation. The guy there said usually a busy shop will be backed up for a few months, he would take about 6 months to do it at this time.

His price was spot on what I am paying now, which is less than 1/3 of the price Gibson wants. I thought I was getting a deal at first but if quotes line up then I guess that's average. I'm still good with the price but I am going to see what is going on with my guitar first. I really don't want to wait another 6 months, it's already been a year and two months since I've seen the guitar. I may just leave it in its case until I feel like finishing it up.

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I waited for my Les Paul for about 2 months; the EB3-L took just a little more than a month (but that was just the neck & headstock). Both were absolutely well worth the wait. There's a reason that Lay's is backed up - they're just that good. You could ship them the guitar now and let it sit in the case there, rather than at home. 6 months (and I'll bet it will be less) can go by quickly, and it would give you time to squirrel away some resto money. Don't put a time limit on perfection! msp_biggrin.gif


I own a service business and have a waiting list too. All I can say is - If you want a job done right, NEVER go to the guy that needs the work and can do it tomorrow - there's a reason for that too!


Good luck in whatever you decide to do.

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