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Saddle sitting too high up off the body...!


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Hello Gents!

Compared to some of the other SGs and LPs, I noticed that

the saddle on my SG is sitting way up off the body (+3/4 inch)

even though the action is low. If I lower the saddle, the strings

would buzz and fret out here and there.

The tail bar also has to be raised (+1/2 inch)so that the strings

wouldn't touch the rear edge of the saddle.


Is this normal? Is there any way I can lower the saddle and

tail bar down? I'd like the tail bar to be screwed all the way

down to the body without the strings touching the rear edge

of the saddle... Does Gibson offer service to fix such problem?

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I'm not sure if the truss rod would do the trick... the neck already has a slight bow to it.


If it's convex (bowed up) you need to loosen the truss rod. If it's concave (bowed down) try tighten it so the neck is flat. (take a metal ruler and set it on the frets to see) Gibson says it should be slightly concave, but I have my tech set mine flat on all my guitars.

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Thanks for the replies, gents!



The neck has only a slight bow to it. I think it's where it should be.

The action is quite low as well. It's just that the saddle/tail bar sitting

too high up bothers me. I wonder if the height of the tail bar has

anything to do with the tone or sustain.



I understand what you mean. I have seen some pics of other LPs and SGs

with saddle/tail bar set up quite high... but this high set-up just look so

unsightly. =P~

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