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J-45 12 fret vs J-35 Collectors Edition

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Can anyone give me an idea about how the tone of these 2 would compare. Would the 12 fretter SJ likely have a better tone across all the strings, or could the CE any advantage?


The MAP is the same, so which one of these would y'all recommend?

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Traditionally, many of us stick with 12 fretters because they tended to have wider necks and more generous string spacing. I do not, however, think this will be the case with the J-45 as I doubt Gibson is making the 12 fret version with a 13/16" or 1 7/8" nut. If they did, I might be all over one.


With all things being equal, the main difference in sound has to do with the bridge placement on a 12 fret guitar as compared to a 14 fret instrument. While I suck at describing sound, with a 12 fret guitar it is like it takes a bit away from the mids and gives it to the low and high end. I, as example, seem to be able to pull more of a low end growl out of a 12 fretter than a 14 fretter. But while it just might be my old ears, when it comes to 12 and 14 fret guitars, I swear that I hear more of a difference between small body guitars than larger body guitars like a J-45.


In the end though it may just come down to how much you would miss those couple of frets and how the J-45 feels compared to the J-35. Gotta admit there are days when I do wish my 12 fret guitars had just one more fret.

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Did somebody say 2015 Southern Jumbo 12 fret? Lol!


I've been hacking away on guitars for 25 years or so, not until I got my J-200 back in 2007, did I realize what I was missing. Not just the J-200, but high end guitars in general.


I was hooked all over again. Totally in love with my J-200.


Fast forward to 2015, the SJ12f gave me that feeling again.


Man! What a guitar! Totally smitten with this new one.


I hope I'm not getting addicted to high end guitars.


Have I become a guitar nerd like you guys? Lol!!!

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I didn't know that Gibson had a J-45 12th fret in production. Is it a custom run for a dealer? How much? Does anyone here have one? I would love to see a photo of it if possible.

There is one called GIBSON MONTANA STAGE DELUXE LIMITED EDITION, which is 12-fret with a wider neck and a rectangular bridge (not belly). Don't know the rules about posting dealer links, but it is easy to find,

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