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Jimmy Page Custom LP w/Bigsby - Tuning Stability


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I just received my Jimmy Page Custom #JPC 187 w/Bigsby. The electronics on this guitar are just brilliant. The 6-way switching plus the push-pull pot for splitting is just phenomenal. I’ve yet to play an LP with a wider variety of usable tones – the electronics really just take the classic LP to a whole new level, and I hope Gibson will one day incorporate this system into other models. It’s that killer!


This is, however, my first Bigsby equipped guitar, so I have some questions. I know that Bigsbys are for light use, not dive bombing. But I’ve got to say, even the lightest touch on the Bigsby throws the strings out of tune. So:


1. Will increasing the string gauge to 10 likely have any impact? My experience is that heavier strings sometimes intonate better, and I wonder whether they might improve tuning stability here.


2. Is it possible that there’s something wrong with the Bigsby? Really, I’m using it so lightly that I can barely hear any change to pitch. It’s thus not really worth having, which makes me wonder if I got one that has some problem that needs to be addressed ASAP.


3. Any similar experiences or recommendations about how to improve tuning stability?




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Hi asg:


I've had my JPC for 10 days now and have played it every day. I left the original strings (09-) that Gibson installed. Even though the strings are not wound as many times as the manual suggests I have had no problems at all with tuning. Your strings might just be slipping on the posts.


As far as the electronics go they ARE great! I think 3 pickup LPs really have an edge over 2 pickup models - splitting that bridge pickup really expands capabilities.





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