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Gibson L-130 and Thank You all!

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Hi - A lot of you over the past couple months have helped me with my Gibson L130 and giving me advice about fixing the electronics and upgrading the sound. I do not like to ask for help and never return to update everyone especially since they took so much time helping me.


I had my Luthier install the K and K pure pickup along with the preamp xlr system and I can honestly say I have never been happier. I am a singer-songwriter and on the first night of my small tour in November I couldn't stand the sound of my Gibson when plugged in at the venue. I came to all of you for help and was told to change the electronics and that is exactly what I did after researching some options. my last show was last weekend and the sound of my acoustic has gone from me intentionally trying to hide the sound of it to me bringing it to the forefront of the show. It's night and day. So thank you all!


ALSO - My new question is what can I add or upgrade as far as options aesthetically such as new tuning pegs etc? I want to spend this summer just basically giving the gibson a checkup and come back nice and shiny :) Ryan

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