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My first time recording, Pink Floyd's "Brain Damage"


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I've had this song stuck in my head for weeks, so I dug out my digital recorder today and went at it. It was my first time actually recording myself playing a full song as opposed to having it going while I was playing around, so the quality is not spectacular. It's all multi-tracked; acoustic guitar, lead vocals, additional vocals, electric lead. I did the final mixdown in Fruity Loops Studio 7, added a compressor, EQ, a filter to remove some of the hiss caused by the mic I used, and a chorus effect. It could be a lot better, but I'm just looking for some constructive criticism on to how it came out (music quality wise, not sound quality).


Gear used:

Acoustic lead: Guild D-17m

Recorder: Akai Professional DPS 12

Electric lead: Gibson SG Special Faded, neck pickup (490R)

Effect board: Digitech RP-1 on "Chorus Verb" and "Neck Pickup Blues" presets.



Download link:




Also, I recorded a quickly done version of The Who's "Sparks" to show off the sound of the Mean 90 P-90 in my SG





Criticism is very welcome, ie. don't just tell me it sucks, tell me why [-o<

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