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1972 Les Paul Reissue of 58?

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I have what looks like a heavily modified 1972 Les Paul Gold Top reissue of 58. The guitar looks like a custom ordered with a Les Paul custom neck, P90 soapbar, dual humbucker, and a trapeze tailpiece which I have not seen before. The serial number is 6841xx and the logo has a dotted i with solid o, lacks "Made in America". I am trying to make sure I accurately describe guitar to sell it. Any assistance or pointers would help.



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Guest Farnsbarns

It appears to me that it's a 1972 deluxe gold top with some major modifications, including being routed for a humbucker and having the mini bucker replaced with a P90.

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Please excuse me but those mods make it look a bit of a mess.....


The trapeze tailpiece is similar to that of a Gibson ES175.


The bridge is a 'harmonica' style bridge which seen on some mid and late 1970s-on Gibsons but certainly not goldtop Les Pauls.

If the original bridge was also the tailpiece, which is what it looks like, then this is probably not a 1958 reissue but must be a reissue of an earlier 1950s model.


The neck pickup looks as if it is the original and is very interesting indeed because of the logo on the cover which will help date it.


(EDIT) However Farnsbarns may be correct as there would be no need for this pickup to have a pickup ring surrounding it.


There is also a mini-toggle switch between the bridge pickup vol and tone controls which must be a coil tap, coil split or phase reverse for the bridge pickup.

And that pickup has been very badly fitted by the look of it, the reason being that the cavity would have been the wrong size and shape.


It looks as though it has also been refretted but I can't tell for sure from the pic, and I suspect the machine heads are not original either. If they were doing all those mods they wouldn't have stopped at machine heads.


(EDIT) Looking again at the picture I am sure now that the machine heads are replacements.


If you were to re-post this here - http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/forum/9-les-paul/ I think you might get more replies.....


It is still a very nice guitar!



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