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The Uke 3 was first produced around 1927,28 and sold through the 1930s as best any one can tell. There isn't a lot of information about the years and production of the Gibson Ukes. The Uke 3 was the highest grade in the soprano line up. There are several variations with the inlays, fingerboard, bracing, and top wood. Most were a dark stained mahogany finish with a fingerboard extending over the body, that is the most common. Some early ones had different inlays. Most have The Gibson logo in a silver color. I have one that is from the mid to late 30s that is a spruce, X braced top with a sunburst finish. The only one like it I have seen although I doubt it is the only one. Hard to say how many Ukes Gibson made since they produced a full range of string instruments. The Uke 3 show up fairly often and players and collectors do like them. The OHSC is a nice addition. Depending on condition they can sell from $900-$1800. The current economy has impacted vintage instruments sales so things are kinda out of sorts with values.


Post a picture and I could tell you more.



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