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So i pulled a trade and got me a G&L Tribute Comanche strat. Almost all of my gear got sold off paying bills last year so i have my gfs blessing to keep this one! The trader didnt know any of the specs, but he did say these came with usa pups and he had sperzel locking tuners installed. Not my thing, but i figured ill give it a try. After some research finally found out my specs yay! Its got a Swamp ash body, Flamed maple top with an Amber burst finish. Hard rock maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, Zcoil hum reducing pickups made in the usa and 5 way selector switch with a push/pull button. To my surprise the pickups were not single coils, but a humbucker hybrid. Normally, i hate these kinds of things, but the guitar was so beautiful i gave it a chance. All i gotta say is wow!! Blown away by the tone, look and feel of this. While ive never owned an American Strat, ive played several for hours at friends houses/guitar center etc and it felt like that kind of quality. I have also played other G&L in the budget range and this sounded/looked/played better than all. Im still trying to find out the tones and configurations of the push/pull and controls but if anyone has any other info on these id be glad to hear it. ps Ive heard wood doesnt matter to tone by guys like scott grove on electrics (not sure i believe) but either way, its cool to have a Swamp ash body, i love it.




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Sharp guitar GA , I have a strat almost the same color . It's a American Select Strat , I had it in my collection and was going to sell it till I played it. Now It's one of my favorites.

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Lovely, is that a birds eye neck? A guy in mass CL had a custom shop with birds eye and it was just amazing.

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