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i would like to know if we can have some good clean tones with this guitar


if we want a sound like a strat ?


if we want split for humbuckers?


you can get clean tones through the piezo and the humbuckers but only a strat will sound like a strat. I imagine if you changed the pickups out to humbuckers that could be split you may be able to get a different sound.

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The fret dots on the trans scale guitars are done two different ways. The dots on the face of the neck indicate position without the capo. The fret dots on the side of the neck are moved up by two half steps, so that when you are using the capo to simulate a standard length guitar you still have correct references.


EMGs dont split, but each pickup has a trim pot that allows you to dial in the amount of output for each pickup. You may not be able to get it to sound exactly like a strat, but the range of tones you can get is amazing. A strat only sounds like a strat.

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