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RIP Rebate still not shipped

Dawg House

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I understand your frustration. I'm also dying to receive my RIP ASAP.

But at the same time, I prefer receiving a complete package without known issues to receiving an incomplete one. I believe Gibson is working crazy to make everything is right. Our patience will be rewarded handsomely.


In the mean time, I'm happy playing my DF as it is. Very hard to put it down.

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Gibson's handling of this has turned me into a one-time buyer of their products. I've *****ed and poked fun at them, but they don't get the communication angle. It's funny, I really LOVE my darkfire, just wish it was created by a professional organization that knew how to communicate to it's customers. "Really Soon?" Sounds like Gibson keeps their support staff in the dark as much as they keep us in the dark. I wonder if he CEO knows he's losing customers?


What's so hard about setting and telling us what the target date is? Pick a date and that'd be the end of our questions regarding the rip. If you get close to the date and the product isn't ready, tell us, tell us why, and pick a new date. We do it all the time and our customers appreciate it, they are grateful that we kept them informed of the status. Gibson could truely demonstrate their commitment to their customers with simple communication. Instead, we get a site that isn't updated with any information, vague answers like "really soon" and general unprofessional behavior.


I agree with Giraku though, enjoy your DF as it is, maybe Gibson will surprise us in the long run.

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Hello All,

I m one of the (many, from what it seems) people expecting delivery of DF for some weeks now =D>

To be honest, i saw this thread topic and got frustrated, as I was totally unaware that the guitars are shipped without thr RIP.

In case anyone can help out, here are a few related questions (if there is another thread for this, accept my appologies in advance):

1. RIP units are missing from the majority (if not from all) the first DF deliveries?

2. Is it somehow related with the order date of the place of purchase? I made the order through the german music cyberstore Thomann, beginning of January. Should I expect to find the redeem voucher instead of the unit (i have to be psycologically prepared :P)


If there is anyone who also ordered the DF through the above site, and has already received it, please pm me.



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The initial batch of DFs shipped in December did not come with RIP.

But new batches started now or soon should have RIP with them.

Simply RIP package was not ready until now. Anyway this is my understanding by following most of the threads here and Gibson blogs.

You may find the following link helpful to understand what is going on:



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