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Is this Real or Fake Es335?

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Hi guys,


I need help/advice on this!


As there are so many china copies out there, I would like to find out from the experts here if this is a real or fake es335 as i am looking for one and so happen to find this online,










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looks good to me- i have an es 335 from the 90's that was made in the nashville plant- looks the same- the only thing i am not sure about is the neck body joint. I can remember off had if the binding is done the same way. knobs, tuners and pickguard, nickel hardware, the frets, fingerboard binding and fingerboard wood all look good... what's he asking?

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Hi it is from year 1999..

May i know how do you tell its real? Thanks!


It's rather difficult to quantify what makes it genuine Gibson. Rather look for "what is not genuine" to a specific model/year.


Some easy "fake" items that you can see on a cursory look are as follows:


1. Neck binding ("nibs") cover the end of frets. Although, some newer Gibson models have the frets extended over the the bindings. Older Gibson could have also been refretted without nibs.

2. The bridge sits on smaller screw posts... without a slot screw like many Epi's.

3. Look at the back of the headstock, you should see "wings" or glued on each side to extend the width of the headstock.

4. The neck should not have scarf joints by the third fret and the heel of the neck. Gibson cuts the neck from one stock.

5. Depending on the model, black flat screws on the pickup rings.

6. Bell shape truss rod cover with two screws.


Other items may require more familiarity and knowledge of Gibson such as: the shape of headstock, shape of body, logo, printing, inked or impressed serial number, placement of knobs, cavity routing is clean, no black paint in cavity, 5/16" truss nut, on and on...


I believe you can email Gibson with the serial number and pictures; they can ascertain it's authenticity.


Best, msp_thumbup.gif


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