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Spirit humbucker splittable?


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I read on the internet (silly me) that the Spirit GT-Pro and the Hohner G3-T were basically the same guitar.

After further research, the Hohner has pretty different electronics. The pickups are controlled by individual switches on the hohner, and it also has a push-pull pot and the humbuckers can be split. Oh, and there is some kind of resistor network being switched in for tone control in addition to the tone pot.


I can't find any info on the 5 way switch in the spirit but I am assuming position 2 blends the full humbucker (both coils) with the middle Single coil (similarly in position 4 for the deluxe).


I like the idea of splitting the humbucker (or humbuckers in the case of the Deluxe). I probably isn't hard to add another switch of replace one of the pots with a push-pull pot (the Epiphone Nighthawk does exactly that), but my question is, is the stock humbucker wired in such as way that you can access the middle wire (between the 2 coils), or would it require major surgery. I know you could buy another humbucker (e.g. SD) that is splittable, but this is a cheap guitar and I'm not sure it's worth the expense.


By the way I'm not 100% sure what the push-pull does on the Hohner, it mucks with the VBS-1 resistor network, but it might also reverse the phase of the humbucker?

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OK, I borrowed a Hohner GT-3 and took the back plate off, the wiring is basically the same as the spirit-pro except that each pickup has a switch instead of the 5-way, so it does get a few more combinations.

No push-pull or tone-blender VBS-1 as implied by this diagram though: http://binatani.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/hohner-g3t-wiring-diagram-headless-guitar.jpg

Maybe there are several models of G3-T? The one I looked at is supposed to be from the late 80s

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