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John Mayer: Out with Fender, In with PRS

Ryan H

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Half of this story is old news, but back in October, Mayer announced via Twitter that he was no longer a Fender Artist and they wouldn't be producing his signature guitar(s) anymore. His reasoning is that "the company as it is today isn't the same one I started with".






There have been lots of photos floating around of him playing various PRS models after this..but just the other day (May 28th) he posted a photo on Instagram...




A new PRS model, with 3 Narrowfield pickups, 5 mini-toggles, a 5-way blade and 3 knobs...oh, and a 25.5" scale length..wonder what this is supposed to sound like :rolleyes:


And now, if you look on PRS's Artist page, guess who's on there..yup, Mayer's on the list. He's officially a PRS Artist now.


This is an interesting shift..I wonder how it'll affect his image. He's always been associated with a Strat.



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It reminds me of when all the Heritage Guitars fans used to say how if Alex Skolnick played one they must be fantastic guitars, now Alex has jumped ship to ESP/LTD...


i played a heritage LP when i bought my studio pro. it was far and away the best playing, best sounding guitar i have ever held in my hands. what stopped me from buying it was the weight. unbelievably heavy, nearly 12 lbs. my studio pro comes in just under 8 lbs

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