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Wow.. hell must be freezing over


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Well now.....


This was a shock... I saw the link up on Youtube as one of my suggested videos to watch... and since it was about bridges which is something that ive been looking at since I started building I thought id give it a shot... even though most of his previous videos are so annoying and offensive they are almost unwatchable.


And he actually managed to make a really informative and un-offensive video :o shocking :)


And more than that I actually agreed with nearly everything he said which is also unusual.... the only thing id say is ive tried roller bridges, TOM style, actually the very Wilkinson bridge he shows, and well I just found it no different... id agree that they would work way better with a trem system but for hardtails I really don't think it does anything (assuming your slots are cut correct on the TOM)


But the rest of it [thumbup] Scott if you are watching, well done (not that you need or want my opinions).. but make more vids like this and I think you do yourself a much better service (and for us too). (and I would have just commented on Youtube but the comments are off).

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Guest Farnsbarns

Hmmm. Still a bit combative. I don't know why that guy can't express an opinion without doing so agressively. It was less so than usual though.


I still didn't agree with much of it but that is no issue itself, I just wish he'd make his point, without attacking those who disagree, if only in his manner this time. And he makes these statements, often converse to conventional wisdom, which is fine but tell us why? I'm left wanting an explanation of his view every time.


I think he's right about string path. In technical terms a straight path over the nut to the tuners makes more sense. Removing trees in favour of compensated tuners makes sense too but IMO roller bridges and nuts with no trem are pointless. The amount a string moves over the nut during a bend is tiny, really tiny, watch it as you bend (more visible on wound strings), it's small frsctions of a mm. On the bridge end it's likely to amount to less than the play in the thing. I also don't like having a curved contact point because, in theory the string will constantly change length as it vibrates.



He said you shouldn't top wrap half the strings but instead raise one end of the tail. I can only assume he's never tried that. You can't make much difference before the tail is fouling on the flanges of the posts. Further more, that will only make a tiny difference to the break angle of the g string, more difference to the b and more still to the e. A graduating difference doesn't seem to be the goal. Now I don't want to top wrap half my strings, or any of them for that matter but his alternative simply won't work.


I also think those ridiculously low break angles he showed are a problem. I think it will make for indistinct notes where the string leaves the nut/bridge momentarily.


Now it's fine by me that he has a different view of these things, it's just that every time I'm watching him and I disagree with what he's saying I feel like I'm being attacked because all those snarky little things he says about people who think otherwise. Not necessary. And back it up. Tell us why it's all wrong, not just that we're (me and anyone else who's ever found themselves disagreeing) all idiots for not just accepting it.


He makes me all... [cursing]

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I've watched that one before, and I did learn a few things from it. Scott can be a bit abrasive and arrogant at times, but I like watching his videos. He does have some good knowledge that slips through in between his strong opinions.


I too think that roller bridges are pointless on a hardtail. I have the same one he shows on my SG and its really cheaply made. The gold finish on mine could literally be wiped off with a damp towel, and the rollers are all loose.

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I quite enjoy Scott's stuff. He can be a bit looney tunes at times but then again, we live in a world where most people think stuff but aren't prepared to say it - Scott doesn't seem to have this issue. [biggrin] he can also be informative and entertaining. I enjoyed his band road trips and learning about guitars like the Corvus and S1's etc that i'd be otherwise unaware of.


Something I embraced years ago and try to pass on to my kids is that no-one can offend you, its an internal reaction (i.e you choose to take offence, you are not given it). Easy to waste your life in being offended, outraged, in umbrage etc... I think that's why I have stopped reading/watching the news.

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Ive not seen this one (I dont think) but know he likes roller bridges. I think has made a good case for them in the past.


Its a shame that he does feel the need to be abrasive, because I've learned a thing or two from him. He doesnt always get it right though IMO.


Wills-easy-guitar is even more agressive I think; - Positively paranoid about critics. He's also is very informative, probably even more so than SG.

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