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有個疑問想請教KRK貴公司一個問體,我在2013年7月9號在Taiwan 跟 Sound Sketch Corporation 購買了一對喇叭,型號 Rokit 5 G2se 很少使用到但其中一顆用不到一年壞掉.沒有插上訊號線.只開電源,喇叭就會一直發出大聲的雜訊聲 ,有跟Sound Sketch Corporation連絡過


Sound Sketch Corporation 只說ic板壞掉.就沒敘述說為什麼會故障的原因,ic壞掉了所以我也沒有花錢修理這顆 Rokit 5 G2se 喇叭了,這幾天我好奇把喇叭後板拆下來看和尋找問題,拆下後發現到感覺IC板已經被人重新在焊接焊點維修過的痕跡了,打去問 Sound Sketch Corporation 他們都一直沒有回應我和任何答案,所以能想請教KRK原廠公司一個問題嗎?




My name is Wong


There KRK would like to ask a question to ask your company to a body, I am in July 9, 2013 in Taiwan with Sound Sketch Corporation purchased a pair of speakers, model Rokit 5 G2se rarely used to but less than one bad year off. no signal line plugged. just turn on the power, the speaker would have been issued a loud noise sound, have had contact with the sound Sketch Corporation


Sound Sketch Corporation says only broken ic board. We stated no reasons why the failure, ic broken so I did not spend money to repair Fengyun Rokit 5 G2se horn, and these days I'm curious about the speaker after the board removed look and look for problems found after removing the feeling IC board has been re-welded joints in service at the scene, playing to ask Sound Sketch Corporation has not responded and they have no answer to me, so the original can think to ask KRK The company a question?


Is this photo from your original IC board produced is made into this look like it? And this pattern welding technique?


post-72415-018456500 1433227098_thumb.jpg

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The solder on that circuit board looks to be correct, and in good shape.


I would indeed email KRK and demand some warranty satisfaction, if I were you.






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