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Izzy, Duff & Slash solo albums


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A lot has been written about Guns N' Roses 'Appetite For Destruction' and many critics claim the band never bettered it (IMO the Illusions & Spaghetti Incident were just as good), but for anyone interested here are some classic solo albums by G N' R members that never seem to get much attention and many are equally as good IMO [smile] Worth checking out if you haven't before.




Izzy Stradlin & the JuJu Hounds (1992)

117 Degrees (1998)

Ride On (1999)

On Down The Road (2002)

Like A Dog (2005)

Miami (2007)


There are another 5 albums he released but these are the highlights.




Believe In Me (1993)

Beautiful Disease (1998) - never released, but you can find it on YouTube and features a couple of songs with Izzy & Slash

Episode 1999: Live (1999)

Dark Days (Loaded/2001)

Sick (Loaded/2009)

The Taking (Loaded/2011)




It's Five O' Clock Somewhere (1995)


...and you probably know the rest of Slash's solo stuff.


Other projects included Velvet Revolver (as most people know) with Matt, Duff & Slash, but in 1996 a short lived group called Neurotic Outsiders with Duff, Matt, Steve Jones & John Taylor released a pretty good album too.

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Good points FZFan. I do think cover albums aren't always a good idea but some are very enjoyable; for instance, I always loved Moondog Matinee by the Band and Garage Inc. by Metallica, plus I'm a big jazz fan and most of that involves covering and adapting songs - sometimes better, sometimes worse. Wonder if anyone has ever made the album Appetite For Jazz [biggrin]

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Illusion suffers from the dreaded double album syndrome. Many doubles do not hold up. This is one. They should have picked the best and made it a single LP. The Spaghetti Incident was awful. IMHO I hate cover albums. They are lazy and 99 times out of 100 the original is better.




I would also add that UYI suffers from over production. Slash claims that somewhere there are the raw mixes of the albums without all of those extra keyboard/orchestration overdubs. Would be interested on hearing it.

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Love Izzy's solo stuff.............partially because is features Rick Richards on guitar much of the time.......




Yes, Rick Richards is a brilliant guitarist and he is a monster slide player too. This is one of my favourites of his slide work;


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I am a big Izzy fan and I think he never gets due credit for his role in G'nR. His solo stuff can be hit or miss with most of it being solid rock.


I agree he got overlooked for his role in G n' R. After all he is the guy who wrote/ co wrote the majority of Appetite, Lies and a lot of the best songs on the Illusions - Double Talkin' Jive, Pretty Tied Up, Right Next Door To Hell, 14 Years, You Could Be Mine, etcetera.

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