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Hi all, Just joined the board. Looks like there are lots of great discussions.


As I mentioned on the intro page I play lefty and have never had a super nice left handed Gibson other than a lefty Sonex. As luck with have it, I just picked up a right handed 1961 Gibson SG.

It needs a full restoration but it is 100% complete. Since I have limited knowledge of Gibson's can anyone shed some light on the vintage SG values?


I understand its difficult to say without seeing the guitar but I'm looking for ball park. Trying to decide whether its worth restoring or parting out.


The yellow paint is cracked and chipped but there are no cracks or gouges. The neck/frets and finger board appears to be intact and in decent shape as well as the headstock and tuners. The hardware is corroded and pitted.



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Well, they made less of the white SG's than the cherry finish. They usually bring a premium dollar,because of that.


I am of the school that "parting it out" would be wrong. I have no idea of the total condition of the guitar and electronics. Therefore it would be hard to put a value on it.


I am sure that you could get much internet info on the value of one in good condition. It is an SG Special. They bring less money than SG Standards. I would think that for 1K ....someone would be happy....no?


Good luck with what you decide to do.






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Thanks Rod, I did some research found its the 1961 Les Paul special(SG) in TV yellow. I feel pretty much the same about parting out the guitar I'd hate to do that and it should remain intact. I'm checking into having it restored to see if its worth it for me. I appreciate the feedback for sure.


Thanks again


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I totally agree with Cam. A true vintage guitar is worth far more when left "original". Before I'd let anyone do a refinish or whatever I'd first check to see if it's still all "original". The tuners, knobs, bridge, etc and then open up the guitar and check for original pots, pickups, etc. If it's completely original any type of refinish will destroy it's value on the vintage market.

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I can't seem to see the attachment in this thread, but as many have said it would be best to get it functionally sound and play it. I tried that with my '69 Custom however it had been hacked up so much that it was just plain ugly and never really played well. I decided to restore it, the value is already gone out of it. The PAFs and all the extra parts are worth a lot more than the guitar in my case. You may want to keep that in consideration if the body is hacked and you are considering parting it out.

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