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Thumbs up for Baggs Session Preamp/DI


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After my initial gigs (2 weeks ago) with my new J-45 (equipped with Baggs Element VTC), I realized that I needed some outboard help in taming the low frequencies. I was aware of the impending arrival of the Session Preamp/DI on the market, and decided to wait for its availability. I had one shipped to me last week, and am happy to report that the unit resolved the issues I had, and then some. http://www.lrbaggs.com/session-acoustic-di


Though I performed with various bands for many years, I have been doing what I like best (solo/acoustic) for the last two decades. I have rid myself of the the burden of lugging around large PA gear, etc., and I strive to keep it simple. In keeping with that goal, the new Session unit fits the bill. The sound is CLEAN, and the few controls are highly responsive/effective.


My set-up is: J-45 >> Baggs Session Preamp >> EHX Holy Grail reverb >> TC Electronics Gravy Tri Chorus/Vibrato >> Bose L1. The Session can be powered by 9 volt battery, Phantom power, or (my choice) a One Spot power supply adapter.


Setting the input gain was quite simple with the highly visible Vu meter. Once powered up, the Session addressed my low frequency issue simply by setting the variable High Pass Filter switch to 80Hz. The available settings are: 40, 80, 120, and 200Hz.


In my situation I didn't need to use the available notch filter, as I encountered no further feedback problems. I used very little of the Comp EQ, or the Saturation as I prefer to keep my guitar sound as unadulterated as possible, but I can see how the Saturation control will add warmth to the sound of an instrument that is lacking in that department. I would compare the saturation effect on the Session, as similar to that of the Takamine Cool Tube preamp on the Tak Pro Series guitars. As a former owner/player of one of those Tak Pro7 dreads, I can say that because of their heavy build (nearly 2 lbs. heavier than my J-45) those guitars NEEDED the help. I am glad to say that warmth is a quality that my new Gibson has in spades. [thumbup]


By no means do I consider myself technically savvy when it comes to gear (I have been stumbling along doing my gigs since 1966), and I have never "reviewed" any product. So, I hope that the little info that I offer here will be of use to some of you folks. As I attempted to convey, it is the sheer simplicity of this product that drew me to it, and I wasted no time scratching my head while trying to figure out how to utilize it at my gigs this weekend. Thanks for your indulgence, and if any of you have any questions I'll certainly try to accomodate.


Regards to all,



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