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Needing some inspiration for which kind/colour of strap to buy for my new ES-339 in vintage burst.


Let's see what you guys have??


I've always wanted the one seen

on a picture of Clarence Gatemouth Brown on the CD "Clarence Gatemouth Brown, the man"

a real Southern Stuff with little metal caimans sewn on it.


I've never found even an equivalent, if you know where I could find one please tell me [drool]


The great guy used many Gibsons, do you know if there has been a signature model ? ( firebird?)

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Guitar straps are an interesting subject to me.


I have observed, over the years, that some players are very particular and fussy about the style, color, and design of their guitar straps, while other players don't really think much about it, and would be just as happy hanging the the guitar from their bodies with a length of twine.


I am personally all about:

a. comfort first


b. color and design a distant second.


Last year I hung a wide, colorful strap on my Martin 12 string that featured images from Van Goch's Starry Night.

I loved it, and my wife disliked it for some reason.

I ended up giving it to a friend, who now uses it on his P-Bass.

post-72390-040939300 1434190163_thumb.jpg

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