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Alex Lifeson Les Paul Axcess Whammy Bar Problem


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Hey guys! I'm new here and hoping someone can help me identify what I need to fix the whammy bar on my Alex Lifeson. The hole where the whammy bar sits is severely scratched up as well as the whammy bar. The screw for the whammy bar is missing and I can't seem to find it.


Unfortunately, I don't exactly recall all the little pieces here. I thought there was a tiny rubber bushing that sits under the adjustment screw. This rubber bushing puts tension on the whammy bar. However, my memory is failing me here. I've sent an email to graphtech but it looks like this specific part might be provided by Gibson? I don't see this piece on their website.


Any help or guidance would be appreciated. I'm curious how it is put together and if anybody else's whammy bar is scratched up too, etc? Besides missing the screw to put tension on this, I think something else is wrong here. Sounds like I'm missing a bushing and possible need a new "socket" for the whammy bar?


Thanks for your help!


post-52729-039712200 1433801181_thumb.jpg

post-52729-042921100 1433801180_thumb.jpg

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Just wanted to update this thread. I've always heard good things about Graph Tech and their support, and my experience is no exception. They looked at the pictures that I sent them, figured out what was wrong and shipped me all new parts to fix the issue.... for free, no hassles. I'm extremely impressed!


They just won a customer for life.

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