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Gibson L-50 without Serial number


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Hello everybody,


i have a old Gibson L-50 probably from the fifties but no serial number is that possible ? Is this possible that there's old fake L-50 ?


I showed it to my string instruments maker and say that was a goold old Gibson vintage but now i want to seel it and i remarked that it don't have a serial number. No stamp, no ink and nothing near the neck base in the instrument...


Is this possible ?


Thanks for your help


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Gibsons built in 1946 and 1947 are notorious for not having FONs stamped anywhere on the guitar. The L-50, of course, was available those years. Photos would help. If the guitar has a script logo it would be no later than 1946. If block letter 1947 on and such.


Gibson sold a ton of these guitars. They were budget instruments so within reach of more people. The only complaint I have ever heard from archtop guys is the lack of a raised fingerboard gives the guitars a different feel than what they are used to.

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