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The Best Example Of Each Guitar Pedal Effect Type.


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A longtime goal of mine has been to find and own the very best effect pedal of every type I have any interest in. Of course I've gone through a small fortune since the 1970's. I've gone through as many as eight or ten examples of certain effect types, (Echo, Delay, Reverb, Fuzz, Gain, etc. I'm pretty sure I'm where I want to be. I've noticed my ordering of effect pedals has dropped off to maybe one or two a year. I must be getting close. If anyone here has a loaded pedalboard with what they consider the best of the best I'd love to hear what you've selected.

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Though I dont have a pedal board, I do have a pre-amp and a signal processor.


The pre-amp is a tube based gain stompbox: Hughes & Kettner Tube Factor.

The signal processor can be used as a multi effects unit only: Line 6 pod hd400


extract:- For the tube purists and the sceptical, it is easy to punch the Mode Select button and make the pod to bypass all these amp models and just use the FX as you would with a regular bank of stomp boxes. That’s simple enough.


I have reviewed both units in the Reviews area of this forum.

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Hi arlum.

It would be very interesting to know what your #1 pedals of each category are. If you are hunting tone since the 70's, for people like me who started not long ago your experiece would be a real treasure. In this moment I only own one a Boss MT-2, I know lots of people hate that one. But for me it does what it's built for. It was not easy to find the sound I was after but once you find it it does not sound all that bad. Saw some guys in the UK that make mod's on that one so maybe I just send it in and see.

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my current :


Dunlop Cry Baby (Standard)

BBE Soulvibe (haven't really tried others to compare)

MXR Carbon Copy Delay - really like this one

EHX - Holy Grail Reverb - really love this pedal. even if the amp has verb, i'll use this.

BBE - Sonic Stomp - leave this on, very happy with it. not sure what other pedals are available to compare to this one.

Surfpups - Baby Fat boost. Love this one. perfect boost.

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Very subjective (there is no 'best' really) but at the moment -


Compressor = Keeley 4-knob.

Octave/fuzz = Foxrox Octron 2.

Overdrive = Xotic AC+ or Analog Man KOT.

Distortion = Modded ProCo Rat or modded Boss DS-1.

Flanger = Dunlop/MXR M117.

Phaser = Maxon Rotary Phaser.

Chorus = Either Ibanez DCF-10, MXR Stereo Chorus (the yellow one) or TC SCF. The Arion SCH-Z is also a total bargain, very good chorus.

Touch wah = Lovetone Meatball.

Delay = I have more than one, right now my favorite is the 'Dark Cloud' made by forum member Dub-T-123. Love it!



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I've gone through so many pedals over the years I could never name or rank them all. I have two or three favorites of every type effect pedal in my studio. Then I have my main pedal board I built for myself with two levels, (base and shelf), mostly wired on the underside that has my personal cream of the crop pedals. I use these pedals 90% of the time. I keep the others around because they too have proven themselves to me and do certain things maybe a little better than the one on the main board. Note* I don't claim to have the best pedals for everyone because tastes differ. I just know what's best by my own taste. I should also note that I've worked up to my current pedals over many years and some of them are pretty expensive. I couldn't have afforded them in my younger years. On the other hand I've dumped pedals that ran as much as $600 to $800 dollars and found better examples of the same effect for half the price or less.


Mr. C.O. Jones,

I'm working late shifts right now and need to get moving but I promise to get you some good information about my current and prior pedal effects.


Just something silly ...... in spite of all of the upgrades over the years I still rely on the Boss TU-2 tuner I picked up maybe 10 or 12 years ago. To date it has never failed, needed repair or had any problem at all.

I use George L cables for my pedal board(s).

I use a Furman power conditioner to supply AC and an original Voodoo Lab Pedal Power to supply DC.

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My main pedal board is laid out with most everything I might want to use in my studio. When effects aren't going to be in play for awhile I wire around them to take them out of the chain. Less used or alternative effect pedals are shelved where I can grab one when I need it. Most of my favorites are always on the pedal board. A few effects are dedicated to a specific amp's send / return effects loop, (for example a Strymon Blue Sky Reverb for a non-reverb amp.). My favorite amp doesn't have an effects loop so everything goes through the front.


Pedal board layout in order of pedal placement, (Yes. I put the wah wah after the gain. It's what works best for me.) (I use a Furman power conditioner and a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power as power supplies. Only the Fuzz uses an on board plain / non-alkaline battery) :


Guitar ->

Boss TU-2 Tuner.

Robert Keeley Compressor Pro.


Alfonso Hermida Zendrive 2 (Overdrive). Currently not in production.

Analogman Sunface with optional BC183 chip (Fuzz). http://www.buyanalogman.com/Analog_Man_Sun_Face_p/am-sun-face.htm

B. K. Butler Tube Driver with optional bias control. (Smooth high gain). http://www.butleraudio.com/tubedriver.php

Geoffrey Teese RMC5 Wizard Wah. http://www.buyanalogman.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=RMC+Wizard+Wah

Ernie Ball V. P. Jr. (for volume swells).

TWA Little Dipper 2.0 (vocal effect envelope filter). http://www.godlyke.com/totally-wycked-audio-effects-pedals/hand-built/little-dipper-02-envelop-controlled-vocal-formant-filter

A/DA Flanger. http://www.adaamps.com/Products/ada-flanger/Flanger.htm http://www.buyanalogman.com/A_DA_Flanger_p/adaflanger.htm

T. Rex Octavius Tri-Tone Generator (Octave down / up / both). http://www.t-rex-effects.com/octavius/ http://www.musiciansfriend.com/amplifiers-effects/t-rex-engineering-octavius-octave-guitar-effects-pedal

Analogman Mini-Chorus with hard wired deep setting and optional 3rd knob "mix" control. http://www.buyanalogman.com/Analog_Man_Mini_Chorus_p/am-mini-chorus.htm

Mr Black Eterna Gold Modified Shimmering Reverberator (backing guitar choir voices). http://proguitarshop.com/mr-black-eterna-gold.html

Empress Vintage Modified Super Delay. (used for tape echo effect). http://proguitarshop.com/empress-vintage-modified-superdelay.html

-> Amplifier



Back up / optional "on the shelf" pedal effects:


Blackout Effectors Whetstone Analog Phaser, (swaps into flanger position on the pedal board when phasing is desired). http://www.blackouteffectors.com/?page_id=513

Strymon El Capistan Stereo Echo. (When stereo echo is required. The Empress Super Delay Tape Echo is mono only). http://www.strymon.net/products/elcapistan/

Empress Tremolo. I own the first version. They're now selling the Tremolo 2. http://empresseffects.com/products/tremolo

Mission SP2-R (Expression pedal that can be used with the Little Dipper and Super Delay). http://missionengineering.com/?product=sp-2

Geoffrey Teese RMC3 Wah Wah (when I want a Wah with more top end than my standard Wizard Wah). I own the old internal control placement model. The newer RMC3 FL moves them mostly to the front. http://www.buyanalogman.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=RMC3FL

Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Wah Wah (old version I keep around because sometimes it's a perfect fit on classic rock projects).

Roland GR-20 Guitar Synthesizer (out of production but works beautifully for Sax solos, backing strings, flutes, oboes or whatever).

Lehle Little Dual (easily the best A/B/Y switcher I've ever owned). http://lehle.com/IT/Lehle-Little-Dual http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/LittleDual



Anyway. That's what works best for me.[smile]

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I shopped far and wide for the best distortion pedal, and after months of research (and hands-on testing in the local guitar stores) I decided upon the MXR Super Badass.


Great pedal, and an absolutely unbeatable variety of distortion shaping options.

AND it only costs $99 brand new.


Two thumbs up.



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my board is a constantly evolving thing. except for 3 spots:


firey red horse fuzz: i have yet to find anything else that sounds this perfect for me. for all the tonal variety i can get from mine, i don't understand why everyone doesn't use one of these. it should be standard equipment for any stoner rock player.

boss bd-2: it's simple, it's cheap, you can get one anywhere, it works. i'm satisfied. i only use mine when i want alot. otherwise i use amp distortion most of the time.

boss od-1: see above. however i use mine as a clean-esque boost, gain is all the way down, level is cranked


the deja vibe is working out pretty well, but i remain open to trying others if/when the opportunity presents itself

the delay works for what i use delay for, i'm not real picky here except not really a digital guy, so i look at analog stuff

in the future i'll have a pitchfactor or an H9. may also add a chorus if i find one i like. i don't know if tuners count, but i like the polytune alot better than the boss one i used to have. pardon my shameless seizing of the opportunity to post a modest board



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