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Gibson flying v without serial number???


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Hello guys please help me with this.

I have seen at the ebay many gibson flying v with no serial number behind the headstock

whats going wrong? are they real or fake replicas?

The big thing is that most of the sellers who have them are 100% possitive with thousands items sold

is it safe to buy one like them and is there any possibility gibson made some v without serials???

Do you know any way to configure if a gibson is original or replica?

Please check the following links and tell me







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The problem with a lot of Vs is that they're painted solid colors. The serial number gets plugged up and is sometimes hard to show in a photo.


Regarding your examples, the first one mentions a refinish so there's your answer.

The second and third do actually have serial numbers, but the finish makes it hard to see. I took photos from both those auctions and brought up some of the serial numbers in Photoshop...







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