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Nice Spot for a Strum?


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Hound wanted a nice walkies, and I wanted some photos, so we went to this tourist town at a bay beach, but wowie....they had about 5000 car park spots, but not one left! I think they had a food shop and restaurant, and good luck with that! [cursing]


I drove past the tourist spot and pulled in to a car park with ...eeek...mud, but nobody around, so we took the dog along the beach in the photos below. Boss doesn't want her pic on the interwebs.



Wouldn't the beach box be a great place for a strum of the guitar? $AUS100,000 they want!!!!







Not me, but look at the view!:













More below....

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That looks like such a nice place! And a great place to strum a guitar too! It'd be like guitar playing paradise there! Beach Boxes are $AUS 100,000?? That sounds expensive! But they're nice though! Great pics and such lovely scenery too, BluesKing777!

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BK7, Yes, a beautiful spot for relaxed, inspirational pickin' for sure. Nothing like the shore and a Lab to lower you blood pressure. Those pricey little things look suspiciously li,e what we call "tool sheds". A big business here. From a small lawnmower and bicycle sized one up to 2 story mini-barns or hoses with a loft. Attached is an example from the Big Box Harware store (Lowes) up the street. This was a ground floor opportunity 20 years ago for small business entrepreneurs here. Now, as I said, you can buy them anywhere. I think the price on a really nice one like the attached, is $3,500 USD. I assume the higher price you quoted includes the land? But not a private beach? We thought about buying a similarly marked up house in Waco, Texas on their big old lake. But your property ended 20 feet short of the lake because the entire lake front was a "park" - public property. Many of our lakes down here in South Texas get very low during droughts. So that type of life style is precarious. You are fortunate to be able to spend a day like you did! Enjoy!


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Ha Ha! [flapper]



Why do I hear sirens?




I forgot to post this one - a touch shabby and looks more like it would be good for belting out some of RJ's "Hot Tamales"........ which luckily i happen to know...





















Edit: After another look, that last beach hut, or 'bathing box' as the English call them, looks like it has asbestos on the roof, probably why it is stll there......back up the cliff a bit more than the others....

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Just back from the wilder coast!



I will tag the new photos along with the old ones - sorry, but not a guitar in sight.




Went to the ocean beach below:













And the sign said:






Unhappy face:









More to come

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