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Just viewed on Netflix the documentary " Sunset ".

It tells the story of Sunset Blvd. / strip in Hollywood Ca.

Some cool history , some interesting tidbits & video snippets about the "strip. The iconic clubs like The Whiskey, The Tracadero, Ciro's as told by Alice Cooper , Ozzy & Sharon , Slash, Lou Adler.

The Strip was THE first location I visited when I arrived in " LaLa " land years ago...

Oh , did I Mention the Burlesque clubs ?







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I saw one of those docs on Netflix about the Strip and it bored me to tears. I stopped watching about half way through.



FZ Fan,


" The Other one. - The long strange trip of Bob Weir.


Netflix currently has that one. Ya might like that it.. A Marin County boy, Bob Weir..


I have a funny story involving an encounter w. B.W and my ex - wife a professional Chef.


She didn't know B.W. from Adam...


My wife was at the time , Sous Chef @ CoCo Palms Resort ( Setting for Blue Hawaii ) .


Weir had / has , who knows now , a home on Kauai where we were also living at that time..


He was giving a show prior at the resort prior to hitting the road w. the Dead later in the year..


Day of the show , my wife ( Beth ) ran into Weir rummaging through her Kitchen storage room ; He was searching for a table to set some equipment on..


The wife grilled the unknown rummager ; as she described , " Straggly hippy surf dude "..


He informed Beth that the Grateful Dead was his band yada , yada , etc., . etc...


Well my wife, GOD rest her little Southern heart told Weir in no uncertain terms that she didn't care if he was with the " UnGrateful Dead " but that was " her STORE room" and to get OUT !


Weir did leave, but she also got his table to him as well...


I see Weir and I always have a chuckle within..


I digress, but if interested have a view Bro.


He has a shot of his wall of axes in his home..


Good Dude Weir.



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