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Hi, all


I learned of a 13-year-old girl (not directly connected to me, but the daughter of a friend of a sister-in-law) who took her life last month. A few months earlier, my daughter went to her college German class and heard that a classmate killed himself the night before, someone she said had been friendly, kind to her..


And a very close friend's teenage son has been throwing the threat out there. Although he is likely not at risk, everyone (yes, including the professionals) are responding appropriately, but the very idea (even if it is nothing more than the angry utterance of an angry kid) sort of opens a trap door of take-your-breath-away fear.


Anyway, these collective sadnesses got to resonating with me recently, and this is the result:


Apple of Your Eye


As usual, I don't offer much of a performance, but hopefully, it'll be enough to send the song on to you.


But the J-100Xtra still sounds pretty sweet, imho. [tongue]

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That's a heartbreaker.

Well put into song Anne. Tough going though !


No means a critique. Wouldn't open a gig with it though.


Pathetic (dictionary definition) subject.....


Gotta go with the muse though.

Is they a better way to deal with the world than a nice guitar and some chords ?

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Ah, maybe I should work up a snappy little Ode to Sylvia Plath to open with...haha.


Yeah, don't think it goes into the live mix anytime soon, unless for a competition of Songs From the Sad Dark Places. Then I'm on it! ;)


But as for dealing--indeed, a nice guitar and some chords is the only thing that works for me.


Thanks for the listen...

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You don't offer much of a performance?...You must not be hearing what I hear and "Yes" it's a sad and somber song. We've discussed this before. We write from a similar place, but you do it so well. This song is very real and direct, as is needed with this topic. Great coffeehouse song, where it's quiet and people can hear the words. I think your quiet and subdued delivery add to the quality of the song. This song (along other songs from your library) should be on the radio, but they won't be because they are too serious and real. Not because they're not good enough, because they are, but because they're not silly and witty and because they make people think about things they'd rather not think about but should....Keep writing from that special place. BTW, your guitar and vocals are very-easy-on-the-ears. [thumbup]

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