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Healdsburg Guitar Festival......Aug 14-16 2009


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Hi Guys.....This takes place every two years.....I was at the 2007 version. I must say I only went for one day, and was overwhelmed at the quality and number of guitar makers out there. This is NOT a good place to play guitars, but to see them it is one of the best gatherings of luthiers from all over the world. Lots of innovation, and unbelievable workmanship. To try a guitar, you have to sign it out and go into a "playing room" or hallway, or whatever is available.....lol.....but I played some really nice guitars. Be prepared for sticker shock.....It is not easy to find a guitar under $3000, and you can easily find them up to $100,000. Most sellers don't blink when they tell you " $6,000", but that being said.....for guitar lovers it is a great place to visit. My favorite parlor guitar was one made with ebony back and sides.....it had the projection and volume of much larger guitars, and was a joy to play. Anyway, if you can visit, you will say the price of admission was worth it....have fun.

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OWF...I was there in 2007 also! We may have bumped into each other and not even known!!


Lots of eye candy....but for me the best part were the "workshops" they hold during this show.


I attended one given by Pete Madson - http://www.buzzyfrets.com/


and one given by Rick Ruskin -- http://www.liondogmusic.com/


Both were very entertaining...informative.....and interesting.


And for the spouse or significant other who goes with you ....not only is it a beautiful area (California Wine country), but each luthier asks very gifted players to perform with / showcase thier instruments. They have two stages so there is almost always a great guitar player performing. My wife went and sat in the auditorium and thoroughly enjoyed a few hours of live music while I attended the workshops. She saw Alex DeGrasi and Michael Chapdelaine to name a few performers.


It really does make for a great weekend trip that guitar players and their non-guitar fanatic guests can enjoy.


Maybe the forum can get a group together for this event and meet up? Have dinner ....Jam......attend workshops????


Homecoming West. Homecoming for Wine - ers


I will be there too OWF ...let's meet up!!

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