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Good inexpensive effects pedals

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I have been surprised by some of the "low cost generation" of pedals. Specifically Joyo Vintage Overdrive w/JRC 4558 chip. Approx $35 delv'd. sounds as good as a TS 808. Joyo Analog Delay. A great anolog sound delay. Simple to use...$35 Delv'd. Joyo Ultimate Drive. $30 Delv'd. Basically same as an OCD. Demon TS-808 TS-9 combo pedal. $38 Delv'd. Fine sound. I have owned the really expensive ones and the cheap ones. All sound the same good. Last...The G.F.S. Dual Overdrive 808/TS9 w/overdrive. A great pedal.None of the expensive pedals sound any better than the cheapies. Might get some assorted opinions on this one.

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Agreed. The Joyo American Sound is another. It's a good Fender preamp/overdrive sim pedal with more EQ control than the Ultimate Drive (and without the tacky graphics). The California Sound is similar to the American--it's a Mesa Mark IV clone, I believe. The CA Sound is borderline metal.

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