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help : nitro finish colored by my blue jeans

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My blue jeans have colored (i think that it was my jeans because the coloration is blue) the finish of my Les Paul, I think it arrived while playing seated beacuse guitar cut contour laying beneath my knee has a sligh blue coloration now.


I've tried to remove it with virtuoso polish and cleaner without success.


Someone had similar issue ou know how to solve it?





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Hello Oscar and welcome to the Forums!


It often happens on guitars with light finishes.


Is Your guitar is white?


Such discoloration happens due to porous structure of nitro-cellulose finish. Like a sponge, it can suck dyes from clothes, especially from ones with harsh colors.


It cannot be repaired, unfortunately.


Best wishes... Bence

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Thanks for your reply.


No, my guitar isn't white, it is "heritage cherry sunburst", but it is the white line around the guitar wich has been colored.


It is only the little part that touches my knee when playing seated.


No big problem, but I never imagined wearingjeans could damage guitar finishes.


Also never had a warning from any guitar constructor neither on the Internet.

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