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Old Dog Learns New Picks


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I've been a long time Gibson triangular pick user. I love them because until you've broken all 3 corners of the thing you can keep playing before you have to toss them. I've literally been using these & their Fender triangular counterparts for decades. There have been times however under certain atmospheric & environmental conditions that they've been hard to hold onto - slip right out of my hands and then you do what you gotta do in the middle of a lead riff & go to the fingers. :)


Yesterday I was at a local music store not known for carrying new and cutting edge innovative products (more vintage consignment gear that keeps me going back there often) and I wanted to try out a 64 Gibson LGO that came in & went to grab a pick from the accessory counter & grabbed one of these "Cool Picks". Whoa! These are my new favorite picks!






These things not only feel really good but they have a texture/grip that I don't think would let go during a hurricane. Maybe many of you younger players have known about these for some time now & I've just staggered onto them by chance - but if any of you haven't tried them, please do. I never thought any other picks would replace my old faithful standbys but these did. And yes, like most guitarists I have a ton of picks I have collected, been given to and found over the years and although they're unique, different, some are collectible for either sentimental reasons or their obscure rarity, some are just hilariously funny - as far as a working/gigging pick - I thought I was all set. Well, that all changed yesterday.


This, among other things, is what keeps playing an instrument fun & interesting - even after all these decades. Sometimes it's the little things (like picks) that keep it fun. Thanks for reading! Happy Father's Day to all you Dad's out there! [thumbup]

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